Sailing Lake Michigan


Chicago private sailing


Nijole and Rimas

(USCG Licensed Captains)


They say, it’s the best case scenario, when your hobby becomes your business. That’s what happened to us. When a big dream and strong desire for sailing became our reality, we started sharing it with our friends and their friends.

We believe that joy, when it’s shared with others, is that much bigger.

Many years now, living right here in the city, my husband Rimas and I have been sailing on Lake Michigan and still keep taking pictures, because we never get tired of the view and want to capture it. It just makes sense to use this natural magnificence that we have here in Chicago, and we will take you and your friends sailing. Our promise to you is that to you will have a good time, if you choose to spend few hours with us. Our beautiful boat Harmony is 36′ racer/cruiser, very comfortable for our outings.

We absolutely love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and making long lasting friends. Let’s enjoy this beautiful city, beautiful lake, and our beautiful sailboat together. We promise a great time! We cannot wait to meet you!

Chicago private sailing


Chicago station:

400 E. Monroe St., Chicago

(Chicago Yacht Club)

Services hours:

EVERYDAY  8:00 am-11:00 pm



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Lake Michigan Sailing


Sailing Lake Michigan has C&C boat, named Harmony, which is a racer/cruiser.

It was made in Canada. Beginning in the mid 60’s,

C&C burst upon the international yacht racing scene.

A two-man design firm, Cuthbertson and Cassian, rocketed from obscurity to dominance. Not only were their boats fast, but they were well engineered, extremely well built, and always beautiful.

With its sleek design, C&C boats aren’t exactly chock-a-block in

West Coast marinas, despite the company’s relatively long history.


Because of the need for speed for the guys and comfort for the ladies, our boat can accommodate anyone’s desires.

Sailing Lake Michigan